Everyone should have a bottle of Briotech HOCl with them at all times. If you are in public, Briotech spray is better and a cleaner solution compared to standard hand sanitizers. Bellevue Natural Health is a distributor for Briotech HOCL. 'HOCL is a natural part of our internal defense system and is produced in our white blood cells as a component that works to help kill viruses, fight infection, control responses to injury, and to enhance healing.' Ask Dr. Steve Matthewson more about Briotech HOCL at your next office visit.

We offer a variety of antiviral supplements and nutritional health related products that we are able to drop ship directly to you, or you may come by the office to pick up what we have in stock, including Briotech sanitizer, but please call our office first, 425-861-1112, and leave a message before coming by. Supplements I recommend are Biotic’s ADP, which is emulsified oregano, one of the strongest antibiotic, antiviral nutrients on the planet, Ultra Vir-X from Biotics (antiviral), Total VR-X from Nutri-West (antiviral), and Biotic’s Bio C Plus 1000, Bio D Mulsion Forte, and Lysine. These are some high quality supplements to boost your immunity and fight viruses.

Other supplements offered target specific issues such as chronic and acute inflammation, hormone related challenges, as well as tools related to postural weaknesses. We can also recommend supplements for general all around everyday optimum health. We only use the highest quality supplements, mostly from companies who will only distribute through health care practitioners. These include Standard Process, Nutri-West, Biogenesis, Biotics, Briotech HOCL, and more. For further information regarding our products, please contact our office.