Dr. Steven Matthewson

Dr. Matthewson graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in 1992.


Member Washington State Chiropractic Association
Member-Kido Kwan Federation- Senior student

Chiropractic Techniques

Upper Cervical
Applied Kinesiology

Dr. Steve Matthewson has been in practice as a chiropractor and health care provider for over 22 years. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic-West at age 23, a school recognized for its strong academics, as one of the youngest graduates to date. However, it has been his studies outside of school that has made him unique. Always looking to the fringes of health care at healing systems some would consider controversial, he has created a personal blend of tools and techniques that allows him to discover imbalances in the patient frequently overlooked by traditional medicine.

From ancient healing wisdom from indigenous cultures around the world to modern discoveries in the quantum field, Dr. Matthewson continues to learn and grow so he can provide his patients the best possible chance to experience optimum health. He states “optimum health is not just the absence of pain and illness, but a life where beauty and joy are experienced in every moment. Who wouldn't want that?”

Dr. Matthewson expresses unconditional love to everyone who comes to him for help and patients often leave holding their bellies from laughing so much and a smile on their face!